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Ubber stamping, additionally called rubber stamps  stamping, is a craft wherein a few kind of ink manufactured from dye or pigment is implemented to an image or pattern that has been carved, molded, laser engraved or vulcanized, onto a sheet of rubber. The rubber is regularly installed onto a more solid item which include a wooden, brick or an acrylic block. Increasingly the vulcanized rubber image with an adhesive foam backing is connected to a grasp vinyl sheet which lets in it to be used with an acrylic cope with for assist. These hold rubber stamps may be stored in a smaller quantity of space and typically price less than the timber installed variations. They can also be placed with a more quantity of accuracy due to the stamper’s potential to peer through the manage being used. Temporary stamps with easy designs may be carved from a potato. The ink-coated rubber stamp is pressed onto any form of medium such that the colored picture is transferred to the medium. The medium is typically some kind of fabric or paper. Other media used are wood, steel, glass, plastic, and rock. High-volume batik makes use of liquid wax as opposed to ink on a metallic stamp.

Commercially available rubber stamps fall into three categories: stamps for use in the workplace, stamps used for redecorating gadgets or the ones used as kid’s toys.

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Business rubber stamps
There are 3 awesome types of rubber stamps: traditional, where the pad is in a separate field from the stamp; Self-inking stamps, which have a self-contained die that rests in opposition to the pad until the die is flipped one hundred eighty degrees to make an imprint; and pre-inked stamps, wherein the die itself is clearly impregnated with the ink.

With present day laser-engraving technology, personalized rubber stamps are clean to apply and it takes handiest minutes to cause them to in a store.
Rubber stamps for business typically show an cope with, corporate emblem and business registration quantity.[1] Some stamps also have movable elements that allow the consumer to regulate the date or the wording of the stamp. They are used to date incoming mail, in addition to to denote special coping with for files. In a few nations it’s miles common practice for formal documents consisting of contracts to be rubber-stamped[2] over the signature as extra proof of authenticity. The goal is to authenticate the contracts, save you forging, and will increase efficiency as organization executives do now not ought to one by one sign person company files.

Business stamps are normally to be had from stationers or direct from the manufacturer. Popular stamps include cope with stamps, general phrase stamps together with obtained or charge due, and dater stamps. These stamps make up almost 30% sold annually.[3]

Other applications

Rubber stamps visible in Museum of Genocide Victims Vilnius
Rubber stamps are not exclusively used inside the enterprise international. Applications range from schooling to animals to the food and drinks industry. A few are listed under however there are numerous greater out of doors of this listing.

Education stamps
Dietary necessities on food packaging
Stamping meals, e.G. Meats (with food grade ink, e.G. Noris 111 meat marking ink[4])
Loyalty stamps
Arts and crafts, e.G. Stamping impressions into soaps and clay
Animal marking, e.G. Pigeons earlier than racing
Automated rubber stamps
Document marking may be carried out from inside the person’s word processor. This may be executed manually by means of growing the “stamps” to appear at the documents in automated file marking software for Microsoft Word. This permits each web page to be stamped as it’s miles printed with the user selected stamps created electronically.[citation needed]

As an artwork form

Contour stamp

A toy rubber stamp presenting a pterosaur

Making of stamp with the aid of photopolymer technique

Ink pad Barock Made in East Germany, today owned by way of the MEK

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Other materials except rubber may be used to supply a stamp. Woodcut and linocut, the carving of linoleum, are art forms based totally at the equal ideas. Linoleum is an awful lot more difficult than rubber and for that reason calls for unique tools. Woodcut is in the main used by professional artists, requiring a lot talent and persistence. Rubber carving material can be bought, but is marketed as a infant’s toy and now not broadly used. Additionally, photopolymer stamps are developing in recognition. They are most often produced in a set of coordinated images the use of a clean polymer fabric on an acetate carrier sheet for garage and packaging. The stamps are peeled from the service sheet and carried out to a clean acrylic cope with. This permits the stamper to view the picture via the cope with and effect unique placement of the photograph wherein preferred. Photopolymer stamps are generally produced in the United States for sale regionally and across the world. Similar clean stamps made of silicone are produced via U.S. Organizations in China. Silicone stamps have the various equal properties of the photopolymer stamps. The production of clean stamps makes storage of a massive series of pics less complicated, considering they may be all used with simply one set of numerous sized handles. They are also frequently very economical being produced in units of numerous pics which paintings collectively to shape a cohesive appearance.

And also manufactured from brass steel, a completely precious example of that’s through Ali Razi Hamedani and named Gholam Razi Hamedani, which turned into displayed on her Twitter web page as alphi_ir.

There are numerous possibilities to differ the appearance of carved stamps. Paints, pigments and dye inks create distinct results, extending the usage of rubber stamping from paper to fabric, wood, steel, glass, and so forth. Ink pads may be purchased that allow for embossing and there are markers that can be used to ink stamp pads with hues for a multi-coloration look. The use of rubber stamps can be mixed with different substances. The image may be embellished through the addition of chalks, inks, paints, fibers and a diffusion of other ephemera and elaborations.

Hand-carved rubber stamps are regularly used in mail art or artist buying and selling playing cards due to the fact they tend to be small and allow the making of series. The TAM Rubber Stamp Archive has a group of prints of rubber stamps mail-artists used considering the fact that 1983 (see hyperlink). Stamping is likewise frequently utilized in hand-crafted cardmaking, scrapbooking, and letterboxing.

Stamping communities
Stamping has grow to be a totally famous home based craft, and there are some of forums, a few with many heaps of contributors. Craft stampers tend to be related to different paper crafts, inclusive of card making and scrapbooking.[5][6]

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